Where is my data stored and who owns it?

Data is stored on the Amazon Cloud and the customer owns their data.

Who has access to my information?

WMC employees do not have direct access to customer data, except where necessary for technical support, system management, maintenance, back-ups and other purposes separately authorized by the customer in writing.  Access to customer data is further restricted to technical and customer support staff on a need-to-know basis.  

How are the software solutions priced?

WMC is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based platform, you pay for the system based on your usage.  WMC being a fully cloud-based solution means there is no hardware to buy, no IT staff required and no need for a large capital expenditure to implement.  In addition, the system is continually updated, so no need to pay for costly upgrades.  

Do I have to subscribe to all three software solutions, or may I just subscribe to one?

No, they were designed to work together but you can use them independently.

Is support priced separately?

No, 24/7 remote support is included in your subscription.

I have a great idea for enhancement. How does it work?

Each request is evaluated independently, and we are very receptive to ideas which improve the software.

Does WMC Technologies offer batch panels?

No, we do not but we integrate to a wide variety of 3rd party batch panels. Contact us for a comprehensive list.

Does WMC integrate with QuickBooks or ERP software?

Yes, currently we have integrations available for QuickBooks, Oracle EBS and NetSuite. We are open to interface with other ERP software.

Does the WHERE'S MY CONCRETE? app integrate with 3rd party dispatching software?

Yes, the WHERE’S MY CONCRETE? customer app integrates with most 3rd party dispatching software as well as our own.

Is it required to have a GPS provider, or can I use my current GPS provider?

You may use your current GPS or telematics provider. If you do not have a provider, we may pull GPS coordinates from the tablets in the truck.

Can users place orders through the WHERE'S MY CONCRETE customer app?

Yes, users may place orders through the app which is then sent for approval by the customer service representative or dispatcher.

Is ProQuo a mobile app?

It was developed for use on a tablet. It is mobile friendly.

Does ProQuo integrate with a dispatching system?

Yes, it integrates with dispatching software.

Does ProQuo integrate with any lead generation systems?

Yes, it currently integrates with Construct Connect. If you prefer a different lead generation tool, please reach out and we will work to create a new interface.

Are you a current client?
Contact Support: Support@WMC-Tech.com